Sarah Peters – Splendid: A Participatory play-reading and workshop


Sarah Peters

Flinders University

Splendid: A Participatory play-reading and workshop

Emma and Jo were born exactly 2years, 9months and 1day apart. They shared bedrooms and shoes and showers (until they were really too old for that sort of thing). Jo knows exactly how to calm Emma down when she’s anxious, and exactly which buttons to press to piss her off. Emma knows that Jo likes hugs instead of praise, and that the best way to make her cry is to give her a fright. 

That was then, and this is now. And now, nothing is the same.  

Splendid explores the elasticity of sibling relationships, while circling on broad themes of love, fear, reconciliation and forgiveness. How far can you stretch the bonds of sisterly affection before the sinews connecting siblings pull apart? Can we ever return to who we were and what we once had? 

In this performative workshop a short excerpt of Splendid will be read, discussed and rehearsed. The audience will be invited to participate; to listen, to speak, to perform. Together we will assemble to explore the performance of negotiation, what it takes to return home, and the tension of potential forgiveness in Splendid. 

Intending participants are required to register for the workshop. Duration 1 hour.

Dr Sarah Peters is a playwright, theatre practitioner and Lecturer in Drama at Flinders University. Her verbatim plays engage with communities to tell the shared stories of experience, such as young people navigating mental health and wellbeing in twelve2twentyfive (2013, 2015) and pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago looking for belonging in Blister (2019). Sarah’s most recent publications include ‘Verbatim Theatre and a Dramaturgy of Belonging’ (2019) and ‘The Pedagogy of Pilgrimage on the Camino De Santiago written into performance’ (2019). Sarah’s practice includes facilitating playwriting and collaborative theatre making projects, most recently with D’faces of Youth Arts and ExpressWay Arts (Carclew) in SA.