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Acts of Gathering – ADSA Conference 2020 – brought together 125 presenters across 43 sessions over 4 days. There were 3 plenaries, 3 performances, and 3 workshops, 2 panels, 2 meetings, and 2 book launches, and 74 papers presented online.

Interest in attending the conference was widespread. Over 240 people attended one or more sessions (90 minutes) each. Participants joined the conference from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, China, India, Germany, Phillipines, Singapore and the USA. 

The liveliest sessions were attended by over 100 participants. Participation across the program was selective. The 50 most active participants averaged 10 hours (around 2 full days) each. The average attendance for all participants was 4 hours (2-3 sessions each). 

For an open-access conference online, word-of-mouth reach is also significant. 377 participants registered their interest in attending the conference and the website records access by 1,300 unique visitors in December.

We are gathering reflections on the conference at We invite you to read what others have written and share your own thoughts in response. The website will stay online over the next 12 months.

Thank you for joining us online for Acts of Gathering…

Organising committee – Alexandra Tálamo, Anita Hallewas, Bryoni Trezise, Caroline Wake, Clare Grant, Erin Brannigan, Jonathan Bollen, Lisa Synnott, Liza-Mare Syron, Meg Mumford, Michael Balfour, Paul Matthews, Susanne Thurow, Theron Schmidt 

Conference convenors – Anita Hallewas, Caroline Wake, Jonathan Bollen

Postgrad day convenors – Alexandra Tálamo, Anita Hallewas, Kathryn Roberts Parker, Madeline Taylor

Technical production – Daniel Holdsworth, Mark Mitchell, Paul Matthews

Welcome to Country – Aunty Lola Ryan, La Perouse Aboriginal Land Council

Plenary presenters – Lily Shearer, Dr Liza-Mare Syron, Penny Couchie and Meg Paulin – Alice Nash, Caroline Wake – Lizzie Thomson, Erin Brannigan, Rhiannon Newton, Latai Taumoepeau, Amaara Raheem

Postgrad day presenters – Sandy O’Sullivan,  Joanne Tompkins, Sigi Jöttkandt, Will Grant – with provocations from Ien Ang, Christian Penny, Lara Stevens, Rajni Shah

Session chairs – Madeline Taylor, Julie Shearer, S Anril Tiatco, Caroline Heim, Tessa Rixon, Jonathan W. Marshall, Laura Ginters, Ajeet Singh, Meg Mumford, Michael Balfour, Bryoni Trezise, Lisa Synnott, Rea Dennis, Emma Willis, John R. Severn, Rachel Fensham, Molly Mullen, Susanne Thurow, Paul Rae, Ulrike Garde, Anita Hallewas, Erin Brannigan, Jonathan Bollen, Sarah Thomasson, Sarah Peters, Paul Rae, Alyson Campbell, Chris Hay, Mark Radvan

Presenters – Abbie Victoria Trott, Adam Moulds, Ajeet Singh, Alexandra Tálamo, Alice Nash, Alison Currie, Alison Lyssa, Alyson Campbell, Amaara Raheem, Andrea Moor, Anita Hallewas, Anne Pender, Anril Tiatco, Anthony Brumpton, Asher Warren, Bagryana Popov, Bernadette Cochrane, Bōni Te Rongopai Tukiwaho, Bree Hadley, Bryan Levina Viray, Budi Miller, Caitlin West, Carly O’Neill, Chris Hay, Claire Hooker, Clare Grant, Dalisa Pigram, Daniel Johnston, David Berthold, David Burton, David Cross, David O’Donnell, Dennis Del Favero, Donna Abela, Emma Willis, Erin Brannigan, Gabrielle Metcalf, Gillian Arrighi, Goran Duric, Graham Seaman, Hannah Banks, Hannah Ray, Heather Timms, Heidi Lucja Liedke, Helena Grehan, Hester Joyce, Hilary Halba, Ian Rafael Ramirez, James Dalton, James Wenley, Jane Woollard, Janet Gibson, Jiva Lamsal, Jo Loth, Joanne Tompkins, John R. Severn, Jonathan Bollen, Jonathan W. Marshall, Josephine Christensen, Julie Holledge, Kate Hunter, Kate Maguire-Rosier, Kathryn Kelly, Kathryn Roberts Parker, Kay Nankervis, Kirsty Reilly, Latai Taumoepeau, Laura Ginters, Lawrence Ashford, Lawrence Wallen, Layeta P. Bucoy, Lexy Panetta, Lily Shearer, Lisa Synnott, Liza-Mare Syron, Lizzie Thomson, Madeline Taylor, Margot Politis, Mark Radvan, Maryrose Casey, Maude Davey, Meg Paulin, Megan Evans, Meredith Rogers, Michael Balfour, Michele McNamara, Miles O’Neil, Molly Mullen, Morgan Batch, Neil Anderson, Nicola Hyland, Olivia Kristine D. Nieto, Oscar Tanto Serquiña Jr., Paul Rae, Pedro Ilgenfritz, Penny Couchie, Peta Downes, Peter Eckersall, Peter Zazzali, Rachael Swain, Rachel Fensham, Rea Dennis, Renée Newman, Rhiannon Newton, Richard Jordan, Rob Pensalfini, Russell Fewster, Ryan Hartigan, Sarah Austin, Sarah Balkin, Sarah Peters, Sarah Thomasson, Sean Coyle, Sean Pickersgill, Shane Pike, Sigi Jöttkandt, Soseh Yekanians, Susanne Thurow, Tessa Rixon, Ulrike Garde, Vic McEwan, Will Grant, William Peterson, Xiaohuan Zhao

ADSA Executive (outgoing) – Glen McGillivray, Rea Dennis, Sarah Thomasson, James Wenley, Chris Hay, Yoni Prior, Natalie Lazaroo, Emma Willis, Julie Shearer, Kathryn Roberts Parker, Madeline Taylor

And all who joined Acts of Gathering – ADSA Conference 2020!