Maryrose Casey – Experiential engagements with the archive


Maryrose Casey

Flinders University

Experiential engagements with the archive

This paper is about a project that is in a developmental stage. The focus of the project is find new ways to engage with the archive that aims to contribute to the decolonising of the archive in relation to the representations of events in the racialized context of colonial histories. 

The questions it seeks to explore are:

Can we change the way people understand historical events by creating immersive experiences that play with positionality?

Can Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (3 Dimensional) explore cracks in time and open up the landscape for other explanations of events from the past?

The aim is to recreate an Indigenous performance presented to a cross cultural audience in 1885 using mixed reality in order, through immersion, to make it possible to experience the different human dimensions of the live event. The intent is to revisit previous research in order to facilitate different understandings of the dynamics of the moment of performance. The pilot project will use VR, AR, animations, holographic avatars and soundscapes to enable the viewer to experience the position of the performer and the audience.

Maryrose Casey is Professor of Drama Critical Studies at Flinders University. She has published widely on Indigenous Australian theatre and performance. Her major publications include the multi-award winning books Creating Frames; Contemporary Indigenous Theatre (2004) and Telling Stories Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Performance (2012). She has had a strong relationship with AusStage since 2007.