Tuesday 1 December

Postgraduate Day


08:00 WA PH | 10:00 QLD | 10:30 SA | 11:00 NSW TAS VIC | 13:00 NZ
duration: 40 minutes | Join this session…

Welcome: Coffee Conversations

With a hot beverage in hand, join us in acknowledging the land on which we gather and find out who else is in the virtual ‘room’.

Be sure to look at the ‘provocations to postgrads’, intended to keep us thinking, dreaming and questioning throughout the day.


09:00 WA PH | 11:00 QLD | 11:30 SA | 12:00 NSW TAS VIC | 14:00 NZ
duration: 1 hour | Join this session…

Keynote: Associate Professor Sandy O’Sullivan – ‘Shattering the colonial project of performance

Sandy is an artist, educator and researcher who speaks truth to power. Given their inspiring leadership in mapping creative practices, we invited Sandy to respond to the questions of what to keep and what to leave behind in order for critical thinking to occur within the Australian context.

Associate Professor Sandy O’Sullivan is a Wiradjuri (Aboriginal) academic, researcher and creative practitioner. Their research and teaching include queer studies, art and design, built environment, music, performance, and cultural representation, with a particular focus on First Nations’ agency and aspiration.


10:30 WA PH | 12:30 QLD | 13:00 SA | 13:30 NSW TAS VIC | 15:30 NZ
duration: 1 hour 30 minutes | Join this session…

Panel: What’s Next?: Future Wayfinding

In this panel we invite Professor Joanne Tompkins (previously Executive Director of the Humanities and Creative Arts panel of ARC), Associate Professor Sigi Jöttkandt (Director, Open Humanities Press) and Dr Will Grant (Co-founder, PostAc) to provide insight on ways to fund your research, ways to publish your research and employment trends in a post-covid world.

They will be taking questions, so this will be your chance to Ask Them Anything.


12:15 WA PH | 14:15 QLD | 14:45 SA | 15:15 NSW TAS VIC | 17:15 NZ | Join this session…

Closing: Cocktail Hour

It’s 5pm somewhere! In this closing moment we’ll be keeping the conversation going, debriefing the juiciest ideas and unpacking our burning questions.

Stay for the duration or drop in to swap emails with a new ally. Pets welcome.

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