Inside Io Myers Studio at UNSW Sydney. A bank of seating and an open floor. A space for gathering.

Next ADSA Conference. UNSW Sydney. 1–4 December 2020.


Goodbye–Hello. Hello–Goodbye.

Starting from here…

What do we leave behind?
What do we hold onto?
What do we play forward?

Shifting registers of performance
Challenging rehearsal practices
Moving margins to the centre

Welcomes and farewells
Making contact, encountering others
Rituals of hospitality and accommodation
Meetings – formats and procedures
Conversations – listening, speaking and turn-taking
Performing negotiation, seeking reconciliation
Critical communitas – arts of assembling

Recollections and projections
Lapses of attention, multiple distractions
Missteps, misfires and misdirections
Spaces of transformation
Communities of decision
Decolonising the future

‘Hope in the dark’

We invited presentations (20 minutes), panels (90 minutes), performative proposals (30-90 minutes, live) and/or performative audio (5-20 minutes, recorded) for the 2020 ADSA conference, convened by Theatre and Performance Studies in the School of the Arts and Media at UNSW Sydney, Australia, 1–4 December 2020.